Beached with Fear

September 19, 2008

 An early morning beach runner was alarmed as she saw a little girl splashing and clapping in a bright bathing suit in the waters of Daytona Beach. The runner yelled, "Unsafe, get out!" And the girl obeyed, just in time before a shark attack.

Daytona Beach (Volusia County) stands at the pinnacle for shark attacks nationwide, with Florida as the first state. If one is planning a beach vacation, there are safety precautions to help prevent shark attacks.

Shark Precautions

Shark Precautions

Avoid murky waters. If beaches are known as remote, good for fishing, and boating—stay away. Now, one must decide whether to fly or dirve to the vacation. Just think what a pain it can be to fly the ‘red eye,’ avoid swimming during the ‘red eye.’ Swimming during those times (dusk to dawn) is risking a red eye because of a shark bite. Avoid bleeding. Certain species can smell an inch of blood nearly a mile away. Never enter oceans with shiny jewelry, bright colored bathing suits, and uneven tanning, especially on feet. Sharks may mistake you for a fish or seal. So, pack your tanning spray! Lastly, have a blast at the beach, but watch out for too much splashing. Don’t ever let your pet in the water. If you want to stay away from becoming the catch of the day, keep from erratic movements and never feed sharks.


Careers that Get Physical

September 19, 2008

If you awaken excited and ready to exercise, but have to get ready for work…keep the energetic spirit beacause a physical career is out there waiting for you.  If you get antsy when you sit too long and fear the reading, writing, and reaserch, when you would rather rather be running, weightlifting, adn riding bikes…there’s hope!  The solution to your lethargy in the office is to GET OUT OF THE OFFICE.

Diving and Hiking  A career as a diver is a big step below the boring rigors of office life.  A diver can be called upon to do many things whether it be swimming in aquarium tanks with sea life, submerging in the ocean for an archeological dig or touring the seas as a commercial diver. Diving has a vast career path undersea, but if you’re more inclined to staying above sea level, then a job as park ranger might be more geared for you.  A park ranger may be most commonly thought of at a National Park guiding hikers, but rangers have as diverse opportunities as divers.

Climbing and Dancing  Dance instructors can do a daily workout in their job that can get their heart beating as fast as those doing aerobics.  Whether they are teaching a simple swing dance or the more complex aerial swing dance, this job can use a lot of energy.  Tossing, throwing, and turning can get your heart stirring.  The best advice to be a good dance teacher is know your dances well and a good way to learn are by watching dance videos.  Just as dancing needs a lot of energy, so does rock climbing.  If you have characteristics such as being strong and durable in high altitudes, then a rock climbing career might me your calling.  If interested one can attend a rock climbing school such as Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School in California where you can learn rappelling, basic, and technical skills.  Positions for rock climbers include rock climbing counselors, mountain climbing guides, and rock climbing instructors.

Cycling  Do you love cycling and have insight and enthusiasm for a particular country or culture?  If you answered yes and can say that you have a knack for bike mechanics and speaking a foreign language, then bike tour guides is the career for you.  If you’re not a master at bike mechanics and enjoy riding unguided in stealth, then start training to be a bike patrol

Sand and Snow Athletics  If you’re one that never wants your beach vacations to end, while your friend is busy dreaming about the snow, then it’s time to inquire about becoming a beach lifeguard.  All beach lifeguard candidates must pass criteria including a run, swim, and lifesaving drill test before being employed.  If you were the beach bum dreaming about the snow because you love skiing, then maybe it’s time to become a ski patrol. Skiing for hours, while monitoring the slopes and skiers, is the job of the National Ski Patrol.